specifically formulated for college athletes

a better way to get the omega3 your body needs.

We created ENHANCED RECOVERY™ to provide elite athletes a more complete recovery from training and competition. It wasn’t until January 2019 that college athletes could be given Omega-3 due to limitations on the nutrients they could be provided. At the request of college nutritionists, we were asked to formulate a product specifically for college athletes that complied with the NCAA impermissible list without collagen and carnitine. Until now, the main sources have been gel capsules and liquid Omega-3 products, which both resulted in a strong after taste of fish oils, fish burps and reflux. This made it hard for athletes to get the recommended levels of Omega-3’s known to be effective for their many benefits. ENHANCED RECOVERY™’s patent-pending emulsification formula provides 1600mg Omega-3, enhanced with 20g protein and antioxidants in an 8.4oz RTD serving.

Made with 100% Pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil

1600mg OMEGA-3
820mg DHA | 550mg EPA | 230mg ALA
20g Whey
enhanced recovery™ has been used by over 70 college athletic programs


Matt Wingo  [email protected] Mobile: 713-503-3436

Darrell Patterson  [email protected]  Mobile:  832-725-6204


Listen to Dr. Stuart Phillips speak during a webinar with 4 Moove about how ENHANCED RECOVERY™ delivers all of the key nutrients needed for muscle recovery and repair. 

Matt Wingo, VP of Sales at ENHANCED RECOVERY™, talks about the NCAA approved product and the benefits it provides elite athletes.

enhanced recovery™ shortens recovery time between training and competition

The scientific breakthrough is the emulsification of stabilized Omega-3s, Proteins, Antioxidants and Vitamins D & E in a ready-to-drink, fruit juice beverage. Protein and carbohydrates alone are not enough. It is the addition of Omega-3s, in combination with protein that allows the bioactive and rapidly absorbed ingredients in this patent-pending, post-workout drink to enhance muscle support and recovery.

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